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Hello Tumblr 2013! ?@#^@*#^

Forgot this existed. Life has had its ups and downs and interesting moments since. A few things have changed. But they are VERY VERY Big changes. some good some bad. Cant have everything perfect right? For the most part is ok, ill live. Lost and gained friends, the good ones are usually the ones that stay, and at the moment the one that got “broken up” by her BFF is trying to use my BFF as a replacement, which wont happen, i feel bad so I let it happen, shes lonely no friends, even though she says she doesnt need a bff or is better not talking to anyone, shes alone on the inside. For that reason i dont mind sharing my BFF if itll do some sort of help to her. I did use to like her very much, even with rejection, idc what happened happened, end of that. Now i have something better. Did i mention I got a new car? yes a 2013 Civic Si Sedan FB6 yo. Real iVtec hehe. But i do have a great girlfriend who is super super caring and looks out for me alot. Love her lots. Then theres the bad thing that recently happened(right before thanksgiving, great timing). But i wont go into detail, i just know i have to adjust to the change and live on, continue with my life and make rational decisions. 
Well thats my blog after about 2 or 3 years of not logging on to tumblr. I may or may not come back for a while who knows. Feels nice blogging somewhere where at least someone will read your story, strangers or distant friends. 

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